maharishi vedic sanskritik kendra

Maharishi Vedic Sanskritik Kendra (Maharishi Vedic Cultural Centre), The Centre is built in the heart of the Bhopal city with 17500 sft, consisting of many lecture halls, conference hall, exhibition hall, seminar halls, TM initiation rooms, Yogasana room, Flying room, Vedic library, consultation rooms, kitchen and dining facility. Brahmachari Girish Ji has said that with Maharishi Ji's blessings through this centre, Maharishi Organisation will bring Vedic knowledge to the city and then soon to all cities of state and then of country. Girish Ji further mentioned that courses on Maharishi Vedic Science including Vedic Education, Jyotish, Vedic Health, Vastu, Gandharva Ved, Vedic Agriculture will soon be available in the centre. He also said that consultancy for perfect happy and healthy life will also be available in next few days. Jyotish, Health, Yagyanushthan and Vastu are the area for consultation initially.

Maharishi Vedic Sanskritik Kendra